Customs Brokerage

Full-Service, C-TPAT Certified, ABI Customs Broker

Griffin & Company Logistics is a full service on line C-TPAT certified, ABI customs broker in the port of Minneapolis/St. Paul. We have remote location filing privileges which allow us to clear shipments in all U.S. customs ports. With our automated systems we can handle your entries throughout the country with a local phone call. We are expert in dealing not only with Customs and Border Protection but with FDA, USDA, Fish and Wildlife and all other regulatory agencies.


At Griffin & Company Logistics you will be assigned an import coordinator who will handle your shipment from arrival on U.S. soil to delivery at your door. This full level of responsibility allows our brokers to get to know you and your products. We have three licensed customs brokers and a customs attorney on our staff.

Griffin & Company Logistics is a member of the National Customs Broker and Freight Forwarding Association.